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How to watch Live Sports with Sportsurge

SportSurge.net is a link aggregation website that allows users to get free links to watch their desired sport games live. SportsSurge can be viewed as a middleman between sports lovers who want to watch their favorite sport shows without paying huge charges, and the sites that provide these shows for viewing.

Another important point worth noting is that not only does the site link you to free platforms to stream on, the SportsSurge website itself is totally free to use. Now we all know that it can get particularly tough trying to find platforms to watch live matches on. Mostly you either end up settling for a paid platform where you pay huge sums of money just to watch a single game, or don’t even find a service that suits your needs in the first place.

With SportsSurge you’re guaranteed to always find a link that will direct you to available free streaming platforms airing your desired sporting event. And what’s more, they even provide detailed information on the links to help you make the best decisions regarding which one to go with.

SportsSurge Features


Without a doubt the first thing that comes to mind when you visit the SportSurge website is the wonderful minimalist design. For a webpage that offers so much vital information, there really isn’t that much on the homepage – which is just fantastic.

The problem with similar sites in the field is the tendency to overload users with information and/or unwelcomed advertisements, both of which makes web pages unnecessarily bulky and hard to navigate.

With SportsSurge, the exact opposite is what you get. It may not mean much to some, but the minimalist design of the SportSurge homepage also helps increase loading speed.

Easy to Use

Thanks to its simplistic design, the SportSurge website is quite easy to navigate. Unlike most similar websites, you don’t have to spend hours trying to figure out exactly how to use them and how to find what it is you’re looking for. On SportSurge, right on the homepage you see the various sports they offer, all served in both letters with familiar logos. 

And once you click on your preferred sports, you’re directed to a page where you see the available events taking place so that you can find the link to your preferred event. Simple as it gets.

Safe and Secure

The SportSurge website is safe and secure in more than one aspect. First of all the website itself does not ask for your data, meaning you’re not at risk of being hacked. Secondly, the website has a viable SSL certificate, which makes it secure if it ever asks for user information.

And lastly, thanks to the fact that your actual streaming gets done through a link you’ll find on the site, and not the site itself, there really is no safety issue at all to worry about.

Comprehensive Layout 

It may sound ironic to compliment the comprehensiveness of the SportSurge website after having just praised its simplicity, but, well, this is one of the reasons the website is so commendable – the fact that it can be so simple, minimalist, and easy to navigate while still providing enough comprehensive information about your streaming options.

You see, SportSurge doesn’t just give you streaming links, it also tells you everything you need to know to make the best decision regarding the link you’re about to go with. The website provides information such as the stream resolution, framerate, bitrate, language, coverage type, and device compatibility. It even tells you whether or not there are ads. 

And lastly, it gives you important comments left by users to make your decisions with. And it does all of these through a simple design that does not feel bloated at all.


Moving on, another impressive feature worth noting about SportSurge is the fact that it is highly reliable. Unlike most other platforms, you can always rest assured that whenever there is a live sporting event going on, you can find a link to catch it as it happens on SportSurge.

There are also a good deal of user reviews on different third-party platforms that attest to this fact. The only caveat, though, is that for you to get a live link through SportSurge, it must fall under the category of sports supported by the site. We take a look at these categories below.

Available Sports Category on SportSurge


Football is one of the biggest sports around, and even though there are quite a good number of options available for watching live matches, you’d be surprised how many people would like to stream games online for free but are unable to because they can’t find a link. Well, good news – you can always get a link to live NFL matches on the SportSurge website, along with other football competitions. 

And of course with the Superbowl fast approaching, SportSurge gives you one less reason to be anxious.


SportSurge also supports live basketball streaming and is capable of giving you links to watch your favorite basketball games live. So far as we could find, SportSurge provides you with the link to every major NBA game including the regular season and playoff games.


You can also keep up with your favorite major league baseball teams and players through SportSurge. The MLB season always promises fantastic actions every time. With SportsSurge, you can rest assured that you’ll always find a link right on time to ensure that you never miss an important game.


Next on the list of sporting events available on SportsSurge is hockey, which isn’t surprising at all given the number of avid hockey enthusiasts out there who miss games not because they don’t want to watch, but mostly because they couldn’t get a link to any streaming page. Again, this site ensures that such a scenario never has to be a problem for you again.


In no doubt what would be a particularly good news for mixed martial arts fans, SportSurge also provides links to all of the very best MMA fights. It can get particularly hard finding places to stream these fights online – and we say that from personal experience. 

Catching the biggest fights becomes more assured, though, thanks to SportSurge.


Next on the list of sporting events listed on the SportSurge website is boxing. Now they may not necessarily cover all boxing matches around, but they ensure to provide links to the very best fights. Whether this happens to be two undefeated heavyweight contenders colliding for the championship, or just two restless youtubers going head to head, you can always be sure to find links to the biggest boxing matches on the SportSurge site.


Motorsport is one of the most exhilarating sports around, but truth be told, it is also one of the hardest to find free streaming options for. You either have to settle for paid services or don’t watch the races at all. 

SportSurge tries its best to rectify this problem and actually provides great links to some of the best free streaming options when it comes to F1 Streams and other motorsport events.

Unavailable Sports

As you can see from the above list, the SportSurge lineup is quite impressive. They offer enough popular sports in football and basketball, and enough niche categories like motorsport and MMA for people with special preferences.

Sadly, though, for fans of other sports, you may have to get your streaming done on other platforms. Below are the sports categories not listed on the SportSurge website:

  • Soccer
  • Cricket
  • Wrestling, and
  • Rugby

Where to Improve

Honestly, I wouldn’t say that SportSurge has a lot to improve upon. That would be a major disservice to the amazing services that they have been able to offer on a reliable basis till now. Still, no review would be complete without at least a few suggestions on areas of improvement.

And at the moment, the only suggestion we can provide is in terms of adding a few more sports to their already impressive list and allowing for users to save their view history. Having such a wide array of sporting events is great on its own, but it would be nice if the management could at least add sports such as soccer and WWE to the list.

Again, it is important to note that these aren’t actually shortcomings per se, merely personal suggestions.


SportSurge is a website that provides you with the necessary links you’ll need to stream your favorite sporting events for free. It is important to note that while you cannot exactly watch your favorite sports live on the SportSurge website, you can instead think of the platform as your connection to discover places to stream on. And trust us when we say from personal experience that finding sugh gems without the help of a middleman is always a really tough task.

Among the sport categories supported by SportSurge are football, including the NFL, college football and other important competitions; the NBA, including the regular seasons and the playoffs; MLB including the World Series and other important competitions; MMA, boxing; motorsport; and of course hockey.

Sadly, at the moment you can’t find streaming links for soccer games, cricket matches, and the WWE on the platform.

Regardless of this, though, our verdict is that SportSurge remains an important website that can be absolutely priceless for sports lovers no matter where you are.